What is Apologetics?

Apologetics is a like a bulldozer clearing the way for seeds to be planted! (image courtesy of pixabay.com)

Apologetics is a like a bulldozer clearing the way for seeds to be planted! (image courtesy of pixabay.com)

Someone recently asked me “what is apologetics?” since I’ve used the word often in my speaking and blogging. What follows is my response to that question.


My standard definition of apologetics is this:

Apologetics is a branch of Christian teachings that attempts to answer the objections by both the unbelieving skeptic and the doubting Christian as well as provide good reasons to believe that the Christian faith is true.

I want you to think of any specific questions or objections that you’ve had about Christianity. These could be questions that have arisen out of your own life experiences or your own studies, or these could be questions that others have presented to you for which you did not have an answer. Now, think of this: Did answering, at least in part, any of those questions assist your Christian faith by making it stronger? Conversely, did Not answering those questions, in even a small way, hinder your faith and confidence in Christianity?  My personal experience has been that answering questions I’ve had about God’s existence or the reliability of Scripture or the problem of evil, for example, have helped my Christian faith and has made it stronger.

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If you want to plant seeds into a field that’s covered by trees, shrubbery, bushes, and boulders of various sorts, you must first clear that field of all these elements so that the seeds will have space to grow. All the questions and objections one may have impedes the seeds of faith to grow; the questions and objections must be cleared, or cut back, at the very least. Apologetics acts as a bulldozer to come in and clear the fields from any foreign debris so that the seeds are free to grow. The questions that others have in today’s culture are many and strong, so we must be prepared to respond to these objections so that the Christian faith can better thrive by providing appropriate answers and responses.

The need for apologetics has never been greater and there is too much to lose should we neglect it


WHAT ABOUT YOU? (I’d love to hear your responses in the “Leave a Reply” section below!)

  1. What specific questions or objections have hindered your Christian faith either in the past or now?

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